You might fully devote yourself to getting that incredible and beautiful-looking eyelash extensions to showcase a perfect outlook. But unexpectedly, your lash extensions are falling without any reason best known to you. Here you will get your answers as to why extensions are falling and how to avoid the same in the near future.

Why Do Lash Extensions Generally Fall?

Natural lashes fall too just like lash extensions. It is because of the natural growth and falling cycle which is different in every single person. Even age, daily lifestyle, and stress level matter the most in terms of facing lashes growing or falling.

Similarly, lash extensions that are attached at the lash extension salon from the hands of a professional might fall too, if not taken care of properly. Sometimes, it could be a lash extension expert's mistake of not fixing it accordingly, or it could be your mishappening that lashes are falling.

No matter what, you should know the top two reasons lash extensions fall that help you avoid the same.

1. Lash extensions applied poorly

Adding natural-looking lash extensions to your eyes is a complicated and professional job. It's more than that just sticking or pasting the extensions on your natural eyelashes. It requires patience and practice to do the job in a matter of a set period. As a professional lash expert, you must use high-quality glue and pasting techniques to avoid any loopholes. Apart from that there could be following few mistakes on part of the lash extension expert.

  • Lash extensions might fall if you used too long, heavy, or thicker lashes not as per the requirement. Unfitted lash extensions will lose after a point in time.
  • Fall happens when one or two lashes are glued together by mistake. So, when you move your eyes the stuck lashes will stretch and tend to loosen up the glue and they ultimately fall.
  • Too much use of cluster eyelash extensions could be one of the early fall reasons. Cluster lashes are best for beginners but not for advanced-level users. Moreover, cluster lashes are heavier than the individuals one and fall at twice fast a speed.

2. Mishandling of lash extensions

It's not always the mistake of a lash extension expert that makes you experience an unexpected fall. You might be the reason for facing uncalled falling issues. With that means, if you mistreat your lashes despite having knowledge of all the do's and don'ts, then also extensions will fall.

  • Using makeup products like mascara, oil, or any other material on lash extensions.
  • Wearing makeup for long than the required timeline.
  • Sleeping on your stomach will tend to make lash extensions fall.
  • Spending too much time under the light of the sun and harsh UV rays.
  • Bathing with extremely hot water and frequently washing your face.
  • Cleaning your lashes aggressively.
  • Using a lash curler without asking for a professional's advice.


Adding lash extensions is an ideal beauty treatment for most females who want to look incredibly beautiful. Grab the attention of people around by showing fuller and darker eyelashes with the help of lash extensions. Avoid falling off such beauty accessories by following necessary precautionary measures.

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